Barry Alan Kramer, M.D.
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ECT Internet Links

The following links are provided to help you obtain additional information about ECT.

ECT: A Light in the Darkness
A non-profit group educating people about the effectiveness of ECT. They include patients helped by ECT, family members and friends who have seen the benefits of ECT, and doctors who recognize the effectiveness of ECT.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Los Angeles Chapter
5 brief video interviews with Dr. Barry Kramer about aspects of ECT.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Fact Sheet on ECT

Surgeon and author Sherwin Nuland discussed ECT and his own treatment in the TED TALKS segment. 

American Psychiatric Association
Let’s Talk Facts Brochures - including one on ECT.

General Information on ECT 
Overview of ECT from

Mayo Clinic – Electroconvulsive Therapy: Treating severe depression
Good Overview

Mayo Clinic – ECT: One woman’s journey
This is a brief video

Surgeon General's Report
Recent report by the Surgeon General on Mental Health includes information on ECT

ECT On-Line
A comprehensive web site from Great Britain. Follow links on Right to “Psychiatry on Line” and then “ECT on line.”

American Academy of Family Physicians
Information on ECT from Family Physicians

Somatics, Inc.
An ECT Fact Sheet from a manufacturer's of ECT devices

Pediatric ECT
A brief article by Max Fink, M.D. discussing the use of ECT in children.

The Scottish ECT Audit Network
A comprehensive site from Scotland that may deal with issues that some of the other sites do not.
This also gives a perspective from another country.

This is a brief article describing the treatment of one patient.

History of ECT - Psychiatric Times February 2004
This article provided by Max Fink, M.D., the column editor, gives a historical perspective on ECT that address the question of why it is not used more frequently.

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